Whilst painting, I feel like being present both in my body and in the work. Touching the painting, I touch my own being. Whatever it is that I’m painting, that something is at once fascinating and intimidating. It hurts and it caresses, it changes its shape and it expresses itself in different things and different people. At times, it is lucidly manifest in a painting.


Sara Orava ( born 1975 ) is a painter from Helsinki, known for her intense and introspective art works, moving on the edge between the physical and the psychical reality.

She had many solo exhibitions, among which at Galleria Ama and Galleria Artina (Helsinki), Kerava Art Museum, Neu Galerie im Artforum (Offenburg). 

She was in numerous group exhibitions, in Kiasma, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Kunsthalle (Helsinki), Aine Art Museum (Tornio), Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art (Vaasa).

Her works are in the collections of Amos Anderson Art Museum, Kiasma, Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA, Wihuri, Heino, Paulo and Nelimarkka Foundations, and in the Finnish State art collection.

She is married to Mika Orava. They have two dothers Militza and Elsa.